Testbed Components

The TKN WIreless NetworkS Testbed (TWIST), developed by the Telecommunication Networks Group (TKN) at the Technische Universität Berlin, is a scalable and flexible testbed architecture for experimenting with wireless networks and applications in an indoor setting.

TWIST Sensor

The TWIST Sensor provides basic services like node configuration, network-wide programming, out-of-band extraction of debug data and gathering of application data, as well as several novel features:

  • experiments with heterogeneous node platforms
  • support for flat and hierarchical setups
  • active power supply control of the nodes

The self-configuration capability, the use of hardware with standardized interfaces and open-source software makes the TWIST architecture scalable, affordable, and easily replicable.

More information about the TWIST architecture and features can be found on the TWIST Sensor.

TWIST Wireless

The TWIST Wireless provides detailed information on the wireless node infrastructure.


TWIST Robot provides a generic mobility platform.

Components at glance

Hardware Overview

TWIST Hardware Overview