If you have any questions regarding the testbed please contact admin@twist.tu-berlin.de

Terms of Use

Granting access to TWIST is conditioned on an informal “contract” between the external users and TKN that contains information about:

  • the nature of the intended experiments (due to the privacy implications);
  • commitment to a reciprocal access to eventual testbed resources; and
  • agreement on proper acknowledgement of TWIST in the produced publications.

After we receive the above information (e-mail to admin@twist.tu-berlin.de is enough), and pending an approval by prof. Adam Wolisz, we will enable the account.

Due to high levels of contention for accessing the testbed, in the name of fair access, we are forced to limit the maximum duration and number of job slots available per user. The current quotas are:

  • max job slot duration: 48h
  • max number of jobs per week: 1


We maintain priority access policy for TKN users, so we can not guarantee the availability of the testbed for extended periods of time.